US - UK Scientific Forum

About the US-UK Scientific Forum

The US-UK Scientific Forum was established in 2008 to help the scientific leadership of the United Kingdom and the United States forge an enduring and productive partnership on pressing topics of worldwide scientific concern with benefit to all people. Forums take place annually on topics selected by the officers of the NAS and the RS, alternating between venues in the U.S. and England. Each is generally attended by 40 to 50 researchers, about half from each country, in disciplines related to the topic area. A summary of the presentations and discussion at each Forum is available online.

The program was originally supported by an endowment gift from the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation, but as of 2019 funds from that foundation are not being used to support the Forum or other Academies activities. Funding for the U.S. component of the Forum is provided by the NAS through the George and Cynthia Mitchell Endowment for Sustainability Sciences.

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