Who Is George Davis?

My background refers to me as an ordinary citizen and that is the only reason, I see things having an eye of average American people. But I do have my visions that distinct my thoughts from other candidates.

In my starting days of employment, I worked as a test engineer for years testing electronics and software. My job entailed identifying and fixing technical issues, meeting expectations, and addressing the solutions.  I would find problems and suggest possible solutions so the users did not have to deal with them.

Why Vote George Davis?

I am running because I cannot stand the crybabies in Washing DC. Democrats are fighting Democrats and Republicans are fighting Republicans. I just want to spank ever one so they cannot sit down for a month, but I cannot do that, so I am running for the US senate. We need to start electing adults, but it must begin with one, and I am that one. I have listed problems and possible solutions on the website. Why do I say possible solutions because I will need over 250 other politicians to agree with me and some are bound to want changes? If you are as tired of the crybabies as I am, vote for me.
My ideology towards the current issues would be rather than paying political cronies, we need to find simple, low-cost solutions. In the 1960s, the US government spent over $10 million for a pen to write in space, whereas the Soviet Union spent $0.10 on a pencil. The United States lost track of what was needed, a writing tool for space, not a pen that could write in space. My simple suggestion would be a marker or a pencil to utilize to write in the space!
And that will be my precise approach towards the issues if I get elected. Vote for George Davis for the US Senate Elections 2022. Choose the leader, a perceptive thinker, and accountable enough to think, fight, represent the people’s interests.